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For most of history, Anonymous was a woman. For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.

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An Hour with an Indian Businessman An Indian has booked me for an early morning session before leaving for his country. He was a business executive and wanted to spend some time with a beautiful Russian woman, but unfortunately he didn’t have time to spend it. He arrived in my apartment on time. I made him a breakfast of omelet with coffee. We had an interesting conversation during breakfast. He told me that he was a Jeweler from Jaipur and had come to Moscow for business tie up with leading Russian companies. Unlike most of men, this guy was quite shy in approaching me. He blushed frequently while chatting. Looking at his shy approach, I put my hand on his hand and sat quite close to him. I kissed him gently on the lips to excite his passion. At the same time, I unzipped his pants to get a feel of his cock. Now, he was excited enough. He lay me down gently on the bed, fondle my bosom and untied my gown to get a feel of my skin. He kissed me feverishly on lips while his hands fondled my bosom. He moved to my neck from lips and kissed all over it while his hands unbuttoned my bra. We embraced each other tightly such that not even air passed between us. The Indian Businessman kept on kissing on my neck while holding me tight in his arms. From neck, his lips fastened on my bosom. Then, he laid me down on bed and run his hands all over my body. I felt a sensation in my body as his hands touched my navel, bosom and his fingers touched my lips. Seeing me excited enough, he spread my legs wide open to enjoy my body. He inserted his cock gently inside my body. He kept on moving it for some moments till he ejaculated inside my body. Both of us achieved our sexual orgasms at the same time. After that, he took a 15 minute rest before moving back to his life. He thanked me for such a lovely service and promised to visit me again. Though sex was for a short duration, but it was so intense that I still remember it as my best sexual experience of my life.

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