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Hi beautiful. I hope you're having a great day. I'm Katya, a sweet and lustful escort in Moscow ready to have a date with you and spend some amazing time together. I'm a dancer, and I use to compete in high level ballet contests around the world. Now I'm working in this city, for a time, but take into account that I will be moving and maybe you don't find me again here. I love classic music, history and arquitecture. I'm not that kind of girl who doesn't have any conversation. I'm clever, educated and very cultured. I'm interested in having dates in which I can learn from my company. If you are a business man, or a cultured or interesting person, it would be great to meet you and share some time together. I provide the best girlfriend experience you can get in the world. I will take care of you, and will listen carefully everything you would want to tell me. I I will also treat you with love and affection, and you will feel all my passion and complete dedication. I do anything but anal. I can't do it because it really hurts me and I don't enjoy it at all, I'm sorry. In any case, I'm sure that you will have a great experience if you have a date with me. You will feel loved, idolized and complete. I will make you dream with me. Being with an escort in Moscow like me is really meaningful and you are just one step behind. Call me and let's have a date today.

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  • Age21
  • Weight53
  • Height170
  • Breasts4