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Inna. Escorts Moscow

Inna is a sensual escort in Moscow with light brown hair, beautiful curves and a dazzling bosom. There are some girls who touch you internally and leave a deep impact on your mind. Inna is one of them. Her gentle nature, sweet way of talk and vigorous love skills will definitely leave you wanting for more. She is very good in listening and can go on doing this for a long time. She can read her client’s mind through body language and make her leisure program based on it. For instance, if a person is down, she will treat him tenderly with warm kisses while if a person is in jovial mood, she may party outside like any other normal girl. In both scenarios, she will exceed your expectation. She is good in french kissing, massage (give and take), simple love making with intercourse in missionary position, hot shower (not more than 20 minutes), bondage (yying her up to bed or floor is favorite and indulging in deep kissing is her favorite one), oral job, coupling in Kamasutra. So, if you are looking for a saucy girl for pleasure; you know which escort in Moscow to pick up.

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  • Age22
  • Weight52
  • Height176
  • Breasts3