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Hey guys! Nice to se you here. I'm Sonia, the queen of the dark eroticism and sexiness. Are you looking for a sexy and daring escort in Moscow? If so, stop searching. I'm a very well-known escort who provides a very special service. I'm yours if you always wanted to fulfill a strange and rare fantasy. I'm an expert in BDSM and fetishism. I can have any rol you want to demand me. I can be the hardest and insatiable misstress of your life, or I can be a sweet and innocent girl receiving your power and orders. I have a lot of toys and tolls that we can use to excite ourselves and get another level of pleasure in our bodies and minds. Once we are hot, I'm a girl who loves to eat it all. All. The more you give me, the more I get wet. I offer a different service. Call me if you want to have extreme relationships in which we both enjoy them by making ourserlves to feel things beyond the standarts. We will spend unforgettable moments, and will explore a no limits world of feelings and emotions. I'm not a typical escort in Moscow, that's the summary. Take your time to think about what we could do together and call me if you're pretty sure about what you want.

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  • Age21
  • Weight51
  • Height170
  • Breasts2