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Hello to everyone. I'm Marlene, and I really want to have you now. I'm sorry if I'm so direct, but I want to be clear. I love sex. I need it in my life. That's why I decided to work as escort in Moscow. I grew in a family in which sex was a tabu. My parents didn't want to talk about sex. Never. I went to a girls-only school, so I started there to explore my sexuality with other girls. I have a very good memories of that time of my life. Then I went to the high-school and discovered real sex. Men. Oh, I love men! Sex with girls is funny, and exciting. But when a man takes a girl, and really desires her, there's no comparison. I do everything. I can be your perfect girlfriend. That girl who you would love to go with on holidays, and take her to an event or with your friends. I also can be your bad girl, if you want that. I feel very comfortable giving orders and commanding. My favourite sexual activity is receiving oral job. If you do it fine, you can make me scream from 2 to 5 minutes. It really makes me fly. Summarizing, if you really want to know what sex means, just book me and I will be the perfect escort in Moscow for you.

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