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Hi darling. I'm Megan, how are you? I'm waiting for your call to meet you and have beautiful and special moments together. I've been working as escort in Moscow for a long time already, and I think that I'm ready to give you all that you always wanted to get from a girl. I'm very experienced in love and sex, and I would say that I can teach you some interesting things in our dates. A few years ago, I worked as model and had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people. Since then, I never stopped meeting new people, and learning a lot from them in order to grow both personal and professionally. My service is a full escort service. I don't say no to anything. In contrary, I use to propose in my dates in order to get the most from you, and from me. I love french kissing, as the perfect start in a relationship. Hot and warm lips use to say much more than any other thing, and it really excites me. Once we are excited enough, I adore receiving oral job. I always cum, it's impossible for me to resist it. And then anal. Oh my god. That's my infatuation. If you are careful and patient, this is something that makes me feel crazy and scream like a virgin. See my pictures, I'm sure that you will find very interesting to have a date with an escort in Moscow like me.

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  • Age24
  • Weight51
  • Height170
  • Breasts2